Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mayley Crawling

Careful...Crazy Lady on the Road

Okay, well I was going to my dentist appointment. And so I was all by myself, Wes came home to stay with the kids. I was on my way and I must of been daydreaming thinking how good it was to drive in a quiet car. The radio was off, the windows were down and then all of the sudden there was a white car right in front of me. I didn't even have time to react and push on my brakes. I ran a red light and hit the judges wife up here. From all that I know she is doing okay. She did go to the ER and got check out but I don't know the result of that. But everyone I have asked about her says she is okay, just a little shook up. I was going about 40 mph and hit her on the driver side back tire. I am lucky that it isn't as bad as it could of been. Both of my airbags deployed and it felt like my face ran into a brick wall. My knees hit the dash below the steering wheel and got cut and bruised. I am a little sore in my back and neck but not to bad. At first I refused to go to the hospital. But then I started to get a really bad headache and felt like I just wanted to lay down in the middle of the road and go to sleep. The EMT came to check on me again and he said it would be wise to go to the ER. So I got to ride in an Ambulance. I asked if they could turn on the lights and sirens but told me no. It was pretty cool, but don't ever want to do it again. James heard about it and came down to the ER and Wes and James gave me a blessing. Our car is totaled and now we are looking for a suburban to buy since our family is growing and we need more room anyways. Pretty dramatic last couple of days

Fire on the Mountain

The Pots and Frye Mesa caught on fire the day after we went there. J.T., my cousin Jennifer's boyfriend, is a hot shot up her and was at the fire. He came over and we showed him our pictures of our family outing and he said that the car that Jared is by is completely charred and all the trees by the pots are burned up. It is so sad, it was such a beautiful place.

Rock Slides

Here are pictures of the kids sliding down the slides. They had so much fun. The water was freezing since it is melted snow from the top of the mountain.

The Pots with Jared

Jared came up to visit us and we went up to Fry Mesa. We had a blast. A little further up on a very rough road we went to a place called the Pots. There are water slides that you can climb up to and at the very end is this waterfall. That is where we are playing at. It was a beautiful spot. We did have a scary thing happen though. I was holding Mayley and watching the kids play in the water while Wes and Jared went to expore the water slides up the hill. All of the sudden Colton got taken from the water and was being pushed closer to the waterfall. I yelled to Briley to get him but it was to late. He went under the water and seem like forever that he was under until I could get to him. I had to set Mayley down on all the river rocks and jump in after him. We cryed for a little bit and was grabbing his ears. He isn't suppose to get his head under water, because he has tubes in his ears. I started calling for Wes to come and help me but he couldn't hear me because the waterfall was to loud. He is okay and it ended up turning out to be a fun family outing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Miner Family




The Beautiful Briley

Before and After

After living in this house for over a year it is finally coming to together like we have dreamed about. I finally got my yellow house. It looks so happy. My flowers are getting big and my grass is coming in slowly. I can't wait to get a water slide and play in our green summer grass. We still have a few things that we need to do around the house. Slowly we will get them done. This was a big goal that we got accomplished and I am so excited about the outcome.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day!


Brittany doesn't know I am doing this--so it will be FUN to see how long it takes for her to find out!! Since it is Mother's day tomorrow I decided to pay tribute! Brittany is the most wonderful Mother to my children!! I do not know why I was blessed to have such a wonderful wife and mother of my children!! She treats me with such respect yet also helps me to better myself with gentle persuasion. I can not express enough my love and gratitude for all that she does for me--and she has done it for seven-and-a-half years (poor woman). I would be literally lost and a mess if I did not have Brittany in my life. She provides such stability and keeps my life balanced. She always makes sure that I spend time with the family and that is where I find my greatest joy!! She is my best friend and I am privileged to have her in my life! In our family we call her "Momma!" Something that most people don't know about our family, which started when Brittany and I were dating, when I would tuck her in I would tell her my version of the well known saying, and it is, "Good-night, sleepy tight, don't let the bed bugs chew, because I, LOVE, YOU!! I love you Britt!!

We painted the house (and it just happened that we finished the day before Mother's day so it is a Mother's day present--and that was one of the most recent pictures of Brittany and I).

I also have the best mother in the world and would not be half the person I am without her many years and continued influence in my life--all those that know her know what a great person she is! She is knowN as Tamara, Tammy, Grammy Tammy, Grandma, and of couse, my favorite Mom!! I love the book my mom got me to love and its title and then repeated phrase sums up how I feel (and of course I changed it a bit), "I'll Love You Forever, I'll Love You For Always, As Long As I'm Living My Mommy You'll Be." I love you Mom!!