Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Decoration

Saturday we went to an aution that EA was putting on. We got 100 Pounds and winter grass seed for $45 and these little chairs all for $5 dollars. Don't ask me what we are doing to so with all the chair. We put them on our front porch and the kids got to them and decided to put them in groups across our driveway. Here is a closer look at our halloween pumpkin that the kids like to air up every night. Our house sure is festive up here. We are about the only ones, at least that we have seen. We love the holidays and this time of year.

Our Landscaping

Here is the pictures of what our yard is looking like so far. We still have a lot to do and I don't think there is enough time to get it all done and plant winter grass.
Here is a picture with our halloween decorations. It looks really neat driving down the highway and night and having that big pumpkin lite up.
Here is what our back yard is looking like. We are parking in the back so it is easier to turn around to get out of our drive way. The spot where the swing set is will be my garden area someday. Whenever I can get all the big rocks out, probably after I have the baby.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This last weekend Wes's parents came up to our house to help with our yard. On Sunday we decided to have a picnic at the same spot that we went to last weekend. The kids wanted to show Dad where we went. So we packed a lunch and all went to the mountains and listened to the Sunday afternoon session of conference at our picnic spot.
It was pretty chilly up there, especially when we would sit in the shade. We had to wrap up in blankets.
Me and Colton relaxing in the sun. I sure am getting big. I'm not too uncomfortable yet. 8 more weeks left. Yeaaa!!!
Wes was helping Colton across the creek and he almost fell in. It was pretty funny to try and catch his balance and not get Colton wet at the same time. They made it across safely.

Landscaping Our Yard

We rented a tractor to landscape out yard on Friday. Dayton got up at 6 in the morning to go with Dad to pick up the tractor. Briley wanted to ride on the tractor before she went to school so Wes decided to take her to school with the tractor. She was sooo excited to ride to school on the tractor and show all her friends.
This is Colton riding on the tractor with Dad. He loved to sit up there and work with his Daddy. I liked it to because then I didn't have to worry about him getting in Wes's way.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Picnic at the Mountain

This last Saturday Wes had a meeting for work so the kids and I desided to go put to the mountain after we got the house cleaned. It was a beautiful day and was raining off and on throughout the day. We didn't have to go to far up the mountain until we came to a little creek that we had our lunch and a played in the water. The kids loved it and wants to take Daddy up there over conference weekend and have a picnic. We love this time of year!!

Rainbow Day at Preschool

This day was rainbow day at Dayton's Preschool. His teacher requested that they wear the color of the day. With much bribery we finally got him to wear this polo shirt and Wes said that he would wear his matching one to work also. I also had to take him to the candy store after school and he got to pick out his own candy. After I took him to the candy store we went to Wes's work and showed everyone there that they were twins that day.