Monday, September 17, 2007

A Big Bed for a Big Boy

Well, now that Colton is two he is in a toddler bed. It is just as well since he could crawl out of his crib anyways. I think it was a challenge for him to see how fast he could get out of the crib once we left the room. So now he is in a big boy bed and loves it. He stays in it and when he goes to sleep he sticks his nose in the wood by the wall. I don't see how that is comfortable but whatever works for him. Now we just need to get him to sleep through the night again. He wakes up about three every night and comes into our bedrrom just to see if we are still there.

Colton needs a bath

One day I couldn't find Colton so I started to seach the house and I found him in the laundry room. He climbed into the washer and was sitting in it. He is a silly boy and keeps me entertained everyday.