Sunday, November 7, 2010

Driving the Fire Truck!

The Fire Department drove some of the EAC Alumni around the track at half time this past Saturday (11/06/2010) and I got to drive one of the trucks! The whole family got to ride in the truck to the game and around the track! They had a Great time and were very excited! We got in free to the game and got to watch from the end zone! Here are a few pictures!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Landon's Final Day at the Hospital!

Here are a few more pictures of Landon - some from yesterday and some from today just before coming home!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Landon Reed Miner - 10/15/2010

Alright this is going to be short, but at least you will get to see some pictures!

Landon Reed Miner was born on Friday, 10/15/2010, at 4:06 PM. He was 7 lbs. 10 oz., and was 20 inches long. Brittany and Landon are both doing Great! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update on the Miners

Well I haven't updated for about six months and I don't think I will ever catch up so I will just make this quick. Our computer was not running well and finally died. We tried to salvage as much as we could. Now we have a great new computer but I don't know how to use it very well. That is why there is no pictures with this post. Sorry!
This summer was busy with Tball games with Colton, Karate for Dayton and Swim Team for Briley. And all three did swim lessons as well as swimming for fun at the pool in the afternoon. We went to Utah for the 4th of July weekend and had fun camping with Wes 's family. We also went camping this summer on Mt Graham in a beautiful camping place and then camped again for the Bear Family reunion in Lakeside.
The kids are back in school, Briley is in 3rd grade, Dayton is in 1st and Colton is in Transition Kindergarten, and Mayley stays home and keeps me busy. Wes is also going half time at EAC. Taking the Fire Fighting 101. He is on the volunteer fire department here in town and we are so proud of him. Mayley reminds everyone who talks to her that her dad is a fire fighter. I am suppose to have my baby in two days on the 15th. I am suppose to be induced on Friday. So hopefully no other pregnant lady goes in labor before me and ruins my plans. We don't know if it is a boy or a girl and we are excited to find out in a couple of days. We have our boy and girl name and outfit ready. Well that is what is going on for us at this moment. I will have another update in a couple of days with a labor story and if I can figure out how to put pictures on our computer I will have some for you to see the next post.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well, these are from the last day at Disneyland. I started to post some last week and lost them. I am starting to have some more problems so I am going to go ahead and post it even though it is not done. I started working backward chronologically because of how it places them in order, but since I am having problems you won't get the first day first. Oh well, at least you will get something for now. I am also having trouble getting the video off of the memory card. In the first picture you will see Mary Poppins and I have a video when Briley got to go dance with them - it was pretty cool. So that will give you something to look forward to - along with the rest of the pictures!

Mayley and Colton waiting to go into the Tiki Room!

The beginning of the "Celebrate" parade - it was pretty cool!

Waiting for the fireworks on Friday night!

The castle after the fireworks!

Mayley bought this baby Minnie Mouse with her souvenir money and was so excited! She still sleeps with it every night!

The Jolly Roger was the hotel we stayed at - we took this as we were leaving.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our yard Sale Treasures

Every Saturday we love to go to yard sale. Today we found some exciting treasures so I had to post pictures. First we found a 12 inch dutch oven for $15. That is really good for a dutch oven. Wes is pretty excited about that. The second is beautiful violins that need a lot of work, but will be very worth it in the end. I got them for $100 for both. It is a really long story about both of them but if the story is true about these violins I pretty much stole them. I am so excited about them and can't wait to get them restored. Hopefully that won't take to much money.

On your left is the violin that I call Julliard violin and the one on the right I'm calling the sister violin. If you know the story you will understand what I am talking about. But it is a long story and I am not the best at typing and don't have a lot of time either. So if you want to know the story you will have to call me.

The backs of the violins are beautiful!