Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dayton's Fieldtrip to the Fire Station

Dayton's preschool went to the fire station an Monday. Dayton thought the trucks were so cool. The fireman is a father to one of the boys in Dayton school. Up here in Thatcher there are only volunteer firefighter. Wes is interested in becoming a volunteer. We will see if everything works out. Doesn't everyone think that firefighter are sooo cute. I always did!!

What Time Is It Mr. Fox

James and Larissa came over for Easter lunch. As soon as they get here, the kids get excited (that includes James) and go straight for the tramp. That day they were playing What time is it Mr. Fox and they were having a blast. What a cool Uncle my kids have!


I haven't posted any new pictures because we needed a new battery for our camera. We just got one and so I am trying to make up for not taking pictures for a while. Mayley is getting so big. She will be 4 months April 1st. She is so fun to have in our family and always quick to smile. We all love her very much.

A Big Helper

Colton was such a big helper a couple Saturdays ago. It seemed like it was raining every couple of days so we decided to move some rocks down our driveway. Colton wants to do everything his Daddy does.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What makes Dayton sick

Dayton came in to me and asked if I can spray him with the hose on the Tramp-o-line. I told him I didn't thing it was a good idea because he has been complaining about a sore throat and he has been coughing all day. He said the dogs with brown eyebrows have been making him sick. He comes up with the craziest stories. I think he is talking about John's, my brother, dog.