Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dayton vs Trampoline!

This is what Dayton ended up with after the match with the trampoline!! Poor kid-he wasn't even attempting a triple back flip or anything. On Wednesday (07/08/2009) night I (Wes) was jumping on the trampoline and throwing a ball over the net at Brittany's brother. (Note: The picture of Dayton on the trampoline is not of the day this happened, I just needed a picture of him on the trampoline for the post.) Briley, Dayton, Colton, and Mayley were all on there. I jumped up, threw the ball, then heard what sounded like Dayton's legs slapping against the pad that protects/covers the springs. Dayton started crying, and then screaming. Those of you who know Dayton--know he can scream! I wasn't too worried until the scream and as I looked down his leg was bent in an "L" shape in the middle of his shin. The bottom half of his leg was bent to the outside. It was at that point I knew that something was wrong. At the same time Brittany yelled at her brother to give him her phone. Brittany called 911 and it seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to arrive. Brittany's brother brought out an ice pack and we put it on his leg. Dayton was very brave! He just laid there in my arms. He didn't move hardly at all. He made sure to let me know when I moved though! I carried him to the ambulance and rode with him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they got an IV started and gave him some morphine. They got him into the ER and we got asked all the questions about six different times. They took x-rays and kept giving him morphine to keep him comfortable as we waited for the Orthopedic Surgeon to get there. The second picture is of Dayton's leg (it is off of a cell phone so it is not that great.) Once the ortho doc arrived he looked at the x-rays and then told us that they would not have to do surgery, but that he would be able to manipulate it back into place. They gave Dayton some medicine that they called conscience sedation. He wasn't knocked out but couldn't feel anything, and helped him sleep. (The third picture is of Dayton's leg after they started to wrap it with the cast. Also off of a cell phone. The doctor had stepped out to look at the second x-ray they did to check on how the bones were set.) After manipulating the bone back into place the doctor started to tell Dayton to smile real big--and he would. Then he would tell Dayton, "now show us your teeth," and he did!! It was soo funny!! Once Dayton was fully awake again they let us go home. The last picture is what Dayton did the first two days after. Dayton hates being on the couch for too long. He loves to get on his wheelchair and push himself all around the house! He is also practicing a little to use his crutches! We have a neighbor that lets the kids ride their bikes in their driveway (it is concrete and ours has rocks--they are the best neighbors--it started when we first moved they offered to let the kids ride there to keep them away from the highway). Dayton now loves to have one of us push him up and down their driveway! He does it himself a little bit but it tires him out pretty quick. Thanks for all the prayer you have offered in Dayton's behalf, we appreciate them very much! We also appreciate your prayers on Brittany's behalf after her miscarriage--they have also been very helpful during that very difficult time for her!
Our extended family and our ward family have been have been very supportive and loving during both of these ordeals. We love and appreciate all of you!!