Friday, April 17, 2009

When We're Helping Were Happy

Mayley loves to be a part of the action. She thinks she is so big to be holding one of her Daddy's tools.

Mayley is trying to hammer Colton and he isn't liking it very much.

Wes had to make some more rabbit cages with all the rabbits that we are getting over here. Wes gets out his tools and he has 4 instant helpers by his side the whole time. He has learned to be patient and let the kids pound in some nails. It takes him quite a bit longer but the kids are learning so much from their Dad.


Mayley loves to sit in our rabbit cage with the rabbit that Wes built. WE also catch her all the time eating the rabbit food. She loves the stuff and puts a hand full of it in her mouth everytime sne is outside by the rabbits