Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm the Big 27

I just had my birthday. It was a fun day. Wes only worked a couple of hours and came home for lunch. We had BLT's for lunch with a tomato from our garden (yummy). For my present I got Settlers of Catan with the expansion. Yea I can't wait to play it. Who ever is up for a game-come on over.

Colton is 4!

He thinks he is so big and doesn't want to turn 5 because the new shoes that he got for his birthday won't fit him anymore. He had a fun Day. Colin and Konda were visiting from UT and came over to spend the night, so the kids had a big slumber party. It was fun to have them over, the kids play so good together and love having cousins at our house.

First day of School

Here are the pictures of our first day of school. Briley is in 2nd grade and Dayton is in Kindergarten and Colton is in Preshool. Dayton is still in his cast and gets pushed to school in his wheel chair and then uses his crutches around the school. It is really hard for Dayton to not be able to play on the playground but his teacher brings out some hotwheel cars for him to play with.