Thursday, October 16, 2008

The County Fair

This last weekend we went to the county fair. Dayton and Briley enter projects that they had done at school and Dayton even got second place for his project. We also watched a magic show and Briley got picked to be his helper for one magic trick. We had fun looking at all the exhibits and animals and then the kids could pick one ride to go on. After the fair we had dinner at McDonalds. It was such a fun day.

The Aftermath of Mountain Biking

This is a really long story:
I tried my hand at mountain biking. I thought it would be a good past time and something Wes and I could do together. I also was getting pretty cocky thinking that I was getting good at riding a bike. Boy did I get humbled. We started out on the trail and a mountain biking group caught up to us. I got out of their way so that they could past me. I actually didn't want to fall right in front of them so I let them past. But Wes just kept up with them. Pretty soon I was all by myself trying to make it up this hill that the road was half eroded and trying not to fall in the eroded parts. Which is really hard to do for me sense I can't even ride in a straight line on a flat surface. Well, I had to stop but then I found it difficult to start back up again, going up a hill that was dirt and trying to get my toes back into the toe clip on my pedal. My back tire kept peeling out. I started to get panicky because I was all by myself since Wes was with the other guys. Then at the top of the little hill, the mountain bike group stop and Wes was talking to them and waiting for me to catch up. But I was have trouble starting my bike. Just then, I don't know how it happen but both of my feet was on either side of the bike and the bike tipped over and both of my feet were pinned underneath the bike. So I was on top of the bike and my feet were underneath and I could not get myself untangled. Then I heard at the top of the hill, a guy looked down and said to Wes "Um, I think she is pinned under her bike." Now everyone is looking at me struggling to get out if this predicament. So Wes came back down the hill, and by that time I was all scrapped up and my ego was bruised also. Plus, I felt like Wes left me stranded and I was crying. He was like what is the big deal. And I couldn't tell him because I trying to stop myself from crying and I am holding my breath which is making my cry harder. I told him that I couldn't start my bike and he quickly told me how to start riding a bike going up a hill. I told him why didn't you tell me that in the first place and he shrugged and said "I thought it was just common sense." Well, maybe it is if you have been biking all your life. Anyways, we start going again and I am going pretty good at it and we make it to the top of the mountain. Wes quickly explains again how to go down a hill and not to use your left hand break and he also says that the trail is going to get really rocky. So he goes first so I can follow where he is putting his tires. I was starting to need to use my breaks but then my back tire would slide to the side and I felt like I was going to tip over. So I just quit using my breaks and I started flying down the hill. As I past Wes he yelled to me use my breaks and my left hand squeezed as hard as it could and I flew over the handle bars and hit my head on rocks. Luckily I had my helmet on. My leg and my shoulder also hit pretty hard as you can tell in the picture. Well if I was crying before, I am sobbing now. Wes helps me up and starts telling that I should never use my left break. That is not what I am wanting to hear right now. After a while, we get back going again and this time I am in the front so he can tell me what gear I need to be in. We hit this fork in the road and of course I pick the wrong way. When I was turning around, I turned to tight and I fell over again. On the same side as my other fall, So that is how I got the second big bruise on my leg. So we start going again and Wes is in the front this time, so I don't go the wrong way and he would tell me to just get off and walk. This one time I was walking down the trail and I fell down on my other side and got another big bruise on my hip. By the time we were done I fell 5 times and on just one leg I had 10 big bruises. I was really sore and exhausted. On the drive home I told Wes that he should of picked an easier trail to do on my first time trying and he said that was the easy trail. It usually takes Wes 30 minutes to do that trail and it took us 2 1/2 hours. So I decided that next time I should just start out with riding on a dirt road. The funny thing about this whole thing is that the first time I came down to Sierra Vista to meet his family we went mountain biking on this same trail and I didn't fall once. And I hadn't rode a bike in years. I think a had a guardian angel was looking out for me that day. I don't know where it was this last time.