Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our yard Sale Treasures

Every Saturday we love to go to yard sale. Today we found some exciting treasures so I had to post pictures. First we found a 12 inch dutch oven for $15. That is really good for a dutch oven. Wes is pretty excited about that. The second is beautiful violins that need a lot of work, but will be very worth it in the end. I got them for $100 for both. It is a really long story about both of them but if the story is true about these violins I pretty much stole them. I am so excited about them and can't wait to get them restored. Hopefully that won't take to much money.

On your left is the violin that I call Julliard violin and the one on the right I'm calling the sister violin. If you know the story you will understand what I am talking about. But it is a long story and I am not the best at typing and don't have a lot of time either. So if you want to know the story you will have to call me.

The backs of the violins are beautiful!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow in Arizona?!!

We went to Mt. Graham the other day and played in the snow!! The kids all had a blast--thanks to many family members in Utah who pass down winter clothes to our kids! Without them the kids would not have had so much fun!! Thanks Utah family members!! We also filled up the bed of the truck with snow and brought it home. We made a snow man in the front yard with it!! This is a place we go to when we want to play in the snow. We like it cause it has a little hill that the kids can slide down! On the way to the mountain we stopped at a thrift store to look for some sleds but they did not have any. We then went to Ace Hardware and they did not have any either, but they said that they had a few plastic trash can lids that were extras and we could have them for FREE! It made the hill a lot more Fun! There is a video at the end of Colton going down!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We made the kids costumes this year. They wanted to be transformers. It was fun creating them. I thought it was going to be harder than it was. They were not very comfortable and hard to walk in, so the kids were begging to be done with trick or treating early. It was a very fun Halloween! Briley is Optimus Prime, Dayton is Bumble Bee, Colton is Jazz, and Mayley is a 50's girl.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy Kids

The kids loved this hill. This video makes me laugh. They look like a catepillar moving down the hill.

Camping on Mount Graham

In October we decided to go camping. We had such a fun time and decided next time we go camping we will go for a week. We had a brave skunk that would not leave us alone. So we finally let it eat what ever was on the ground in our camp. The picture was a Riggs Lake at the top of the Mountain. It is beautiful up there and very cold. We didn't think to bring jackets.

Our camping spot had a little hill that the kids loved to play on. It kept them very entertained.

This is when we first got to our camping spot. The kids are still clean. They didn't stay like that for long.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Angel Moroni

We took the kids out of school for the historic day!! They mounted the Angel Moroni on the Gila Valley Temple today! It was neat to see it get placed on there. Hope you enjoy the pictures! You can go to the link under "Favorite Sites" to see other construction pictures. The two good pictures are from the website, and the one bad pictures are from our camera (I guess we need a new camera). We took more pictures, and some of all of us, but they did not turn out at all. Anyway, it was fun to see hundreds of people parked on the side of the highway to watch it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm the Big 27

I just had my birthday. It was a fun day. Wes only worked a couple of hours and came home for lunch. We had BLT's for lunch with a tomato from our garden (yummy). For my present I got Settlers of Catan with the expansion. Yea I can't wait to play it. Who ever is up for a game-come on over.

Colton is 4!

He thinks he is so big and doesn't want to turn 5 because the new shoes that he got for his birthday won't fit him anymore. He had a fun Day. Colin and Konda were visiting from UT and came over to spend the night, so the kids had a big slumber party. It was fun to have them over, the kids play so good together and love having cousins at our house.

First day of School

Here are the pictures of our first day of school. Briley is in 2nd grade and Dayton is in Kindergarten and Colton is in Preshool. Dayton is still in his cast and gets pushed to school in his wheel chair and then uses his crutches around the school. It is really hard for Dayton to not be able to play on the playground but his teacher brings out some hotwheel cars for him to play with.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dayton vs Trampoline!

This is what Dayton ended up with after the match with the trampoline!! Poor kid-he wasn't even attempting a triple back flip or anything. On Wednesday (07/08/2009) night I (Wes) was jumping on the trampoline and throwing a ball over the net at Brittany's brother. (Note: The picture of Dayton on the trampoline is not of the day this happened, I just needed a picture of him on the trampoline for the post.) Briley, Dayton, Colton, and Mayley were all on there. I jumped up, threw the ball, then heard what sounded like Dayton's legs slapping against the pad that protects/covers the springs. Dayton started crying, and then screaming. Those of you who know Dayton--know he can scream! I wasn't too worried until the scream and as I looked down his leg was bent in an "L" shape in the middle of his shin. The bottom half of his leg was bent to the outside. It was at that point I knew that something was wrong. At the same time Brittany yelled at her brother to give him her phone. Brittany called 911 and it seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to arrive. Brittany's brother brought out an ice pack and we put it on his leg. Dayton was very brave! He just laid there in my arms. He didn't move hardly at all. He made sure to let me know when I moved though! I carried him to the ambulance and rode with him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they got an IV started and gave him some morphine. They got him into the ER and we got asked all the questions about six different times. They took x-rays and kept giving him morphine to keep him comfortable as we waited for the Orthopedic Surgeon to get there. The second picture is of Dayton's leg (it is off of a cell phone so it is not that great.) Once the ortho doc arrived he looked at the x-rays and then told us that they would not have to do surgery, but that he would be able to manipulate it back into place. They gave Dayton some medicine that they called conscience sedation. He wasn't knocked out but couldn't feel anything, and helped him sleep. (The third picture is of Dayton's leg after they started to wrap it with the cast. Also off of a cell phone. The doctor had stepped out to look at the second x-ray they did to check on how the bones were set.) After manipulating the bone back into place the doctor started to tell Dayton to smile real big--and he would. Then he would tell Dayton, "now show us your teeth," and he did!! It was soo funny!! Once Dayton was fully awake again they let us go home. The last picture is what Dayton did the first two days after. Dayton hates being on the couch for too long. He loves to get on his wheelchair and push himself all around the house! He is also practicing a little to use his crutches! We have a neighbor that lets the kids ride their bikes in their driveway (it is concrete and ours has rocks--they are the best neighbors--it started when we first moved they offered to let the kids ride there to keep them away from the highway). Dayton now loves to have one of us push him up and down their driveway! He does it himself a little bit but it tires him out pretty quick. Thanks for all the prayer you have offered in Dayton's behalf, we appreciate them very much! We also appreciate your prayers on Brittany's behalf after her miscarriage--they have also been very helpful during that very difficult time for her!
Our extended family and our ward family have been have been very supportive and loving during both of these ordeals. We love and appreciate all of you!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

When We're Helping Were Happy

Mayley loves to be a part of the action. She thinks she is so big to be holding one of her Daddy's tools.

Mayley is trying to hammer Colton and he isn't liking it very much.

Wes had to make some more rabbit cages with all the rabbits that we are getting over here. Wes gets out his tools and he has 4 instant helpers by his side the whole time. He has learned to be patient and let the kids pound in some nails. It takes him quite a bit longer but the kids are learning so much from their Dad.


Mayley loves to sit in our rabbit cage with the rabbit that Wes built. WE also catch her all the time eating the rabbit food. She loves the stuff and puts a hand full of it in her mouth everytime sne is outside by the rabbits

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Garden

After trying to get a spot for our garden in this house we finally did it. I am so excited! We are going to plant tomatoes, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Carrots, Onion, Green Beans, and Potatoes. We will take pictures of the progress of our garden. We have also had a wild rabbit that has lived at our house and ate all my winter garden that I planted. Today I caught it and it is now our pet. It is a girl and the kids are deciding between the name Cocoa and Sparkle. It is actually really tame. The kids like to pet her.

Wes's mom made these beanies for the kids and they love them. Here is a picture of the boys posing with them. Thanks Grammy Tammy

Our 7 year old

Life is happening to fast. Briley turned 7 on Feb 16. She was two weeks over due and she finally came after Wes sprayed me with cold water and I tried to run as fast as a HUGE pregnant woman could run. But that at least made my water leak and after about 13 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing our baby girl came out weighing 9 lbs 9 oz. She was a healthy baby girl. We love her so much and we are so glad that she is part of our family. She helps me out so much and is such a great big sister. We love you Briley. People always ask how we came up with her name. It is the first 3 letters in my name and the last 3 letters in Wes's name.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yea Coupon Sense!!!!

So I started coupon sense and Wes was a little leerie of it. Today was my first shopping trip to the store and I can't believe all that I got.Here is my shopping list:
15 boxes of cereal
13 boxes of Brownies
8 Boxes of Pop Tarts
4 bags of chips
2 cans of bean dip
4 bags of cough drops
Total: $7.49
Savings: $131.69
I don't know where I'm going to put all my food. I will post more later. Tomorrow I am going to Queen Creek and my sister and I am going to get Tons of stuff there.