Friday, November 16, 2007


Colton was asleep for most of the time we were at the Museum. He woke up when we went to do the activity outside. It was really cold outside. It was in the 50's during the day and then it was also windy. So we had to bundle up. Colton didn't want to get out of the stroller into the cold.
When he finally got out off the stroller he went over to play with the musical brake drums and roters. He loved hitting them and seeing that each one makes a different sound.

This isn't a very good picture but it is Wes, Briley, and Dayton in a big bubble. This is in the car on the way home. Colton was throwing up all night our last night that we were there. So Briley helped him get to sleep in the car on our long trip home. Colton just hugged her arm and fell right to sleep. She is going to be a big help to me when I have this baby.

Crazy Boy

This is as far as Dayton got to painting his face. He drew spiders on his cheeks.
They had a big pin thing that you can press you face, hand or body on it. It was fun to look on the other side and see your imprint.
They had a big magnets that you can make different things with. Dayton and Wes built a cowboy.
Dayton loved to do this. He weaved beads through the string. He thought this was so fun. This would be tedious for me to do. He loves doing things that take patience.

Children's Museum

We went to a Children's Museum in New Mexico and had a Blast. Wes made huge bubbles and this is Briley jumping off the stairs to pop the bubble.
They had a face painting station for the kids to paint their own faces. Briley had so much fun thinking she was putting on makeup.
This is the finished product. I so glad she can not wear make up yet. She wanted to keep it on her face until Monday so she could go to school like that for her show and tell. She was pretty disappointed to take a shower when we got back to our hotel room.

This is Briley climbing the wall their she made it all the way to the top. Then she wanted to do it again but they were closing.

New Mexico Trip

This last week we went to New Mexico. We had so much fun, but are glad that we are home. While we were in our hotel room, Dayton asked me why I'm not cooking anymore. We are all tired of eating out. I never thought that I would say that!