Monday, July 14, 2008

Utah Trip

We had a blast in Utah. We went up on Friday and did a Triathalon on Saturday. That is a picture of all the Miner Boys in their wet suits. Lets just say we finished with room to improve next year. Yes, we want to do it again next year. I actually did the duathon with Erin. We did the 15 Mile Bike and 5K run. I was surprised that I wasn't muscle sore the next day. I was sore from sitting on that bike seat though. Ouch!
On one of the days we went on a hike with all of Wes's family up Payson Canyon. It was a beautiful hike and it ended at a waterfall. The kids had fun playing in the freezing water.
We also went and saw Travis and Allison Bright, A long time family friend, and it was fun to see them again. Travis plays for the BYU Football team and he took us on a tour of where all the football players workout and meet for meeting and we even went into the locker room. I was surprised that it wasn't stinky in there. That was really fun to do.
It was a really fun trip and it is sad to be home and back to the real world of cleaning and laundry. Thanks to all of you who let us spend the night and day at your house. It was so much fun visiting you.