Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our yard Sale Treasures

Every Saturday we love to go to yard sale. Today we found some exciting treasures so I had to post pictures. First we found a 12 inch dutch oven for $15. That is really good for a dutch oven. Wes is pretty excited about that. The second is beautiful violins that need a lot of work, but will be very worth it in the end. I got them for $100 for both. It is a really long story about both of them but if the story is true about these violins I pretty much stole them. I am so excited about them and can't wait to get them restored. Hopefully that won't take to much money.

On your left is the violin that I call Julliard violin and the one on the right I'm calling the sister violin. If you know the story you will understand what I am talking about. But it is a long story and I am not the best at typing and don't have a lot of time either. So if you want to know the story you will have to call me.

The backs of the violins are beautiful!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow in Arizona?!!

We went to Mt. Graham the other day and played in the snow!! The kids all had a blast--thanks to many family members in Utah who pass down winter clothes to our kids! Without them the kids would not have had so much fun!! Thanks Utah family members!! We also filled up the bed of the truck with snow and brought it home. We made a snow man in the front yard with it!! This is a place we go to when we want to play in the snow. We like it cause it has a little hill that the kids can slide down! On the way to the mountain we stopped at a thrift store to look for some sleds but they did not have any. We then went to Ace Hardware and they did not have any either, but they said that they had a few plastic trash can lids that were extras and we could have them for FREE! It made the hill a lot more Fun! There is a video at the end of Colton going down!