Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mayley's new crib set

Here are the pictures of the new crib set that I bought. Now I want to paint the room, but I don't know if I want to go green or purple. So if you have any suggestions please share. mayley looks so tiny in her crib. I going to start having her take her naps in there. I'm not ready to put her in another room for the night yet.

Colton and The Duck

Wes got this duck that plays the graduation song and walks toward you. Colton is so scared of it. Usually he freaks out more but he knew that I was recording. Remember to pause the music before you push play.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Going PINK!!!

She is getting so big. I wanted to get a bouncer so I could take her with me when I go from room to room and so I went to this consignment store that is up here and found this pink bouncer. It is so cute. And even better, I got it for 3.00. You can't beat that! It helped that I take clothes there that my kids have out grown so I had a credit there. I love that store! I also got the cutest crib set there. It is purple and green. I will post pictures of it when I get it all set up. It is so fun shopping for girl stuff.

New Hair Cuts

We did it!!! My cousin Jenny came over and chopped our hair on Friday. Briley hair is so much easier to do. My getting ready time is also cut in half ( Wes likes that). Not to mention I will save so much money on Shampoo, conditioner and Mousse. I do miss my long hair. But it will be back to that length in a year from now. My hair grow so fast!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Mayley

Here is some pictures of Mayley when she is 6 days old. She looks so tiny. I will take some more pictures of her and post them soon. We forgot our camera at Wes's parents house while we were their over Christmas but we just got it back so I will be taking some pictures of her soon. I took her to her 1 month appointment yesterday and she is 8 lbs 6 oz. Still smaller than Briley and Colton when they were born. It is so fun to have a little baby.
Here is Mayley before her bath. She has a cute face here. She loves her baths but doesn't like getting out or getting lotion on. Maybe she will when it gets a little warmer out.